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    Tips for Getting Your House Sold Fast

    tips for getting your home sold fastWhether you’ve outgrown your current living space and need to buy a new home, or you’re relocating for work, you want to put your home on the market and get it sold as quickly as possible. But there is a lot that goes into selling a house, and like most people, you may not know much about the process. This means you may have many questions and concerns. To get these questions answered, many turn to a real estate agent for assistance. Professional real estate agents can help you with all stages of house selling.

    Let’s take a look at a step-by-step guide to selling your home and what steps you can take along with your realtor to get your home sold quickly.

    Consider Your Listing Options

    Preparing to sell your home is more complex than it has been in the past. One of the biggest items to consider before you can get very far in the process is deciding the type of listing you prefer. You can choose from three common listing options: exclusive right to sell, exclusive listing and open listing. Let’s look at how these differ:

    • Exclusive rights listing. Listing agents generally prefer this type of listing. It works in favor of all involved in the house-selling process. If an agent other than the one you listed your home with sells the home while your listing agreement is in effect, the listing agent and the other agent split the commission. If you sell your home yourself, the listing agent also gets a commission.
    • Exclusive listing. When you choose this type of listing, you may not be obligated to pay the listing agent a commission, but whether you do depends on which state you live in.
    • Open listing. You can list your home “For Sale by Owner” when using an open listing. This means you sell the house on your own and won’t owe any commission. You can also create an open listing with any number of agents, and the first one to sell your home gets the commission.

    This is the least favorite listing option among real estate agents.

    Multiple Listing Service

    One key aspect of working with an agent is if he or she is a member of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Working with an agent who is a member of the MLS means your home will be in the MLS system. This gives your home the most exposure to other brokers, agents and buyers who might otherwise never know your home is for sale.

    Homes in the MLS are posted on the internet and available on sites like Zillow and

    Finding an Agent

    Should you use an agent? Home buyers who find their home through an agent is on the rise from 69 percent in 2001 to about 88 percent in 2013, according to the National Association of Realtors.

    Using An Agent To Sell Home

    If you plan to work with an agent, start by gathering some important information about the agents in your area. Here are some things to consider when making your decision:

    • What homes has the agent sold in your area?
    • What fees will the agent charge?
    • What is the agent’s marketing strategy, and how does it differ from the others?
    • How quickly did the agent’s last 10 listings sell?
    • What do customer reviews say about this agent?

    It makes sense to take some time and find a good agent. He or she knows the community and the ins and outs of how to sell your home.

    Sell When the Market’s Hot

    Best Months to Sell your Home

    Did you know that when you sell your home can determine how quickly you find a buyer? The time of year does seem to affect the market. The three busiest months for home sales are May, June and July, with 35 percent of home sales taking place during that time. So spring and summer are generally the best seasons to put your house on the market. Fall and winter show the slowest sales, especially around the holidays.

    Price to Sell!

    You need to do some math and decide on an asking price. You can come up with a ballpark figure by taking the price of the home and deducting 6 to 9 percent of that amount for taxes and fees.

    Ballpark Home Sales Price

    An agent can also help determine a realistic asking price for your home. Interest rates and marketing conditions play a large role in how much you can actually get for your home, so you need someone who understands them both. Selling a home involves several key skills:

    • Art
    • Science
    • Marketing
    • Negotiation

    To help your home sell, you need to know your agent’s marketing plan and do all you can to support the selling effort.

    A Combined Effort

    Your agent can do certain things to help your house sell, and so can you! Working together, you and your agent can make sure the house has great exposure and that it is ready for a virtual tour, an open house and professional pictures.

    Agent’s Efforts

    Your agent can put forth several efforts to make sure your home sells — and sells quickly. Here are some ways the agent can get your home noticed:

    Put your agent to work

    • Provide professional pictures of your home for websites
    • Create an online virtual tour of your home
    • Create a YouTube video of your home
    • Create a unique property site for your listing
    • Host open houses

    These efforts can help you gain exposure and get your home’s listing out to those who are looking for a place in your area.

    Your Efforts

    Think of yourself and your agent as partners. One big thing you can do to help in the selling effort is to make sure your home is presentable. Keep in mind that even if potential buyers take the virtual tour, those really interested will still want to see the home in person. This is where you come in.

    For your home to sell, it has to stand out from the other homes in the neighborhood. Staging is one way to help your home sell fast. To “stage” your home, you position your residence in such a way that allows potential buyers to picture their family living there.

    Here is a house seller’s guide to staging your home for buyers.

    Make Minor Repairs

    You don’t need to go all out and remodel the home. You just need to make some minor repairs that improve the look of your house. Some examples include:

    • Fixing leaky faucets.
    • Fixing doors that don’t close properly.
    • Repairing any drawers that jam or that don’t open easily.
    • Replacing all burned out light bulbs.
    • Replacing worn bedding and draperies.
    • Repainting — opt for neutral colors instead of bright colors like orange or red. Neutral tones make it easier to coordinate décor, and it isn’t overwhelming when someone walks in.
    • Replacing worn or cracked tiles on the floors.
    • Making sure your countertops are clean and as scuff- or scratch-free as possible.
    • Patching any holes in your walls.

    Make the House Shine

    A clean home is more inviting for potential buyers. You should take the time to do some major spring-like cleaning before you sell, including:

    • Using a pressure washer to clean the exterior of the home and the sidewalks.
    • Washing windows inside and out.
    • Keeping the carpets vacuumed daily.
    • Having the carpet professionally cleaned.
    • Allowing musty areas of the home to air out and using deodorizers if necessary — odors can be deal breakers!
    • Waxing kitchen and bathroom floors
    • Bleaching grungy grout
    • Dusting the entire house, including ceiling fans and lighting fixtures
    • Clearing out all cobwebs
    • Hanging fresh towels in the bathroom and kitchen
    • Replacing worn rugs or other textiles
    • Polishing chrome faucets and fixtures
    • Cleaning all mirrors

    Remove the Clutter

    Potential buyers have a more difficult time getting a good feel for the home and visualizing their own furniture inside if the house is full of clutter. There are several ways you can de-clutter the home and make it more appealing:

    • Rent a storage unit for items like furniture that are unnecessary in a room or that are blocking doorways or windows.
    • Empty your bookcases and store them.
    • If applicable, remove extra leaves from your dining room table to make the dining area appear larger.
    • Go through your closets. If you have items you haven’t worn in a long time or you no longer need, donate them or throw them away.
    • Pack away your knick-knacks.
    • Clean off your kitchen counters, putting essential items in a small box or in a cabinet to use when needed.

    The goal of getting rid of clutter is to leave only the furniture and other times in a room that serve a function. This gives the buyer an idea of each room’s purpose. Just think of packing or storing items as a step toward your move when the house sells. These are things you’ll need to pack up later anyway.

    During this process of removing clutter, also remove any appliances, fixtures, wall hangings and other items that are not part of the home. You don’t want the potential buyer to think that your grandmother’s antique chandler comes with the home. But don’t leave these areas bare; replace them with if necessary with new fixtures or other items that are part of the deal.

    Arrange Closets and Cupboards

    You can close your closet doors and your kitchen cabinets, but that won’t keep potential buyers from snooping. You don’t want them to see a cluttered mess in there, so organize using these tips:

    • Hang shirts in your closet, neatly facing the same direction.
    • Turn mug handles so they all face the same direction.
    • Line up shoes neatly in the closet or along the wall.
    • Stack dishes, mixing bowls and other kitchen items neatly in cabinets.
    • Alphabetize your spice jars.

    If your potential buyer sees how neat you keep these hidden areas of the home, it can be a good indicator of how well you maintain the rest of your house. This can possibly make a buyer feel more at ease when looking at your home and considering the purchase of it.

    Create Curb Appeal

    Home-For-SaleIf your home does not look neat and tidy on the outside, buyers are not likely to want to see the inside. So, you have to give the exterior of your home the same attention you give the inside. Try these tips for adding some curb appeal:

    • Keep the lawn mowed, and weed your flower beds.
    • Trim bushes around your home.
    • Paint faded window trim or shutters.
    • Keep your sidewalks clear.
    • Make sure the house number is visible.
    • Replace worn welcome mats.

    A well-kept lawn and flower beds brighten up the yard and make the home more inviting.

    Choose an Agent With Experience

    Your agent should take certain steps to sell your home fast. Real estate agents have many tools at their disposal to use, and if you choose CENTURY 21 Core Partners, you’ll be getting agents with a lot of industry experience.

    Why should you list with CENTURY 21 Core Partners?

    • Every listing is entered into the MLS.
    • A virtual tour is created for every listing.
    • A YouTube video is created for all listings.
    • A unique property site is created for every listing.
    • A premium post sign is professionally installed, and then removed after the sale.
    • Professional photography is used for all listings.

    Your agent does more than just help you get your home noticed on the market. He or she also assists with the bidding and negotiating process.

    You don’t want to take just any offer that sounds good. Bids are not just about the dollar amount, and your agent understands this. He or she can help you choose the best bid using certain factors:

    • The down payment amount
    • Allowance and contingency requests
    • Intended closing and occupancy dates
    • And more

    Negotiating is something your agent knows how to do. He or she can help you deal with factors that may come up during the sale that can affect your home’s selling price. The agent can also assist with further negotiations, counter-offers and any other types of negotiations that come up during the sale of your home.

    When you want to sell fast, you need to go with an agent who has the most experience and offers more services than their competitors. This gives you the advantage over all other sellers with homes currently on the market.

    A lot goes into selling your home. If you want someone with experience to walk with you through the step-by-step process of selling your home — and help you sell it quickly — contact CENTURY 21 Core Partners.

    The real estate agency you choose to help you sell your home can make all the difference. Let our team of experienced, professional agents help you during this complex process, and you’ll see outstanding results.

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