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Winterization 2020

Winterizing your Home:

Clean Furnace, Air Return, Filter Change:

Every 2 years it’s time to give that furnace a good deep clean (you could push it to 5 if it is a newer one).  Every change of the season, especially allergy seasons, giving your air returns a nice wipe down is essential. After you clean those two, change the filter in your home. Allergies are no fun – take it from someone who knows all too well – it’s worth cleaning out your furnace and returns first and then replacing your filter for the winter. So many allergens sneak in throughout the fall season and clog up your filter. You don’t want to deal with that all winter.

Empty Pipes and Hoses – Turn off outside taps:

When water gets below 32F, it freezes. With the frozen water comes pressure and bursting pipes. To avoid this costly mess, be sure to turn off the water flow to any outdoor taps and drain your outside hoses.

HVAC Systems – Close High, Open Low:

The furnace blows hot air from the low returns at the base of the walls during the colder months. Since hot air rises, closing the high returns keeps the warm air in and your furnace running less – in turn, saving money.

Cut the grass one last time: 

Cutting your grass as short as possible before winter will keep it looking nice throughout the whole winter. It will grow all winter long, just not at the same rate as the rest of the year. By springtime when the weather is still iffy, you won’t have to break out the lawnmower so soon.

Bust out the Salt, Shovel, & Snowblower:

Although more costly than your regular road salt or cat litter, Calcium magnesium acetate, and potassium acetate are two chloride alternatives. They are really worth it when you take into account – loss and affect of wildlife, soil and driveway erosion, water quality, and corrosion. To save yourself from digging your way to the snowblower and shovel – pull them out now while there’s no snow in your path.

Hopefully, these tips will help you out in the long run as we prepare for winter 2020. It’s no fun getting caught in the snow or waking up and dealing with a blizzard unprepared. While we grasp on to the warm days we have left, let’s take advantage and pull out the necessary tools that will help us get through winter.

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