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    Understanding the Stock Market

    Stock Market is also known as: “Share Market” or “Equity Market”

    Observing the Market

    When observing the Market, you will not want to look at just price. You will, on the other hand, want to compare it to things like the Price to Earnings, Debt to Equity, Return on Equity, Earnings per Share, Etc. Statistics are important when identifying the Stock Market potential. The US represents about 40.1% of the global stock market capitalization. Which makes for a stronger gain in American equity.

    The Fluctuating Market

    Monitoring the stock Market daily will help keep you updated on what future purchases to make as well as, help you understand how much money is invested into the market. When picking a stock, review business cycles, earnings growth, stability, management, dividends because these all factor into the ever-changing market and can determine an investment improvement or a downfall in your investment. If you decide there is too much to take on in the Stock Market, we recommend finding a financial advisor in your area to help you manage your financial assets and distribute them in the Stock Market accordingly.

     Making Money from the Market

     Making a profit from your investments into Stocks is not always an easy task. That is why it is important to educate yourself on a daily basis; without education on the Stock Market you will not succeed in your investments. A few key things to learn to make money in stocks is patience, stability, consistency, and strategy. Most people do not stay invested for long enough to continue to make a profit from their investments and before you can make money, know that you will need to open a brokerage account for your Stock Market endeavors. Thus, once you have an account, deposit money into this account and purchase a stock. When you buy stock from a company, you are basically purchasing a very small share in that company. Once the company grows, makes more money and develops new products, your share now becomes valuable. You should always buy low and sell high.

    Additionally, the value of the company you chose to invest in will affect the chances of your financial return. You can pick from buying an individual stock of the company, a mutual fund, or an index fund depending on what kind of percentage you would like to receive annually. Some things you will not want to do in order to make money throughout time in your investment, is sell early, buy back when the stock is low, or wait until it’s safe to invest. The longer you are invested the better your financial gain will be. More time in the market will allow for you to collect dividends and own the stock of the company at critical points during the calendar year. In conclusion, we hope you guys invest smart and safe!


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