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    How to Style Your Formal Living Room to Sell

    Many older homes in the York, PA area have a formal living room, a design feature from past generations of gracious entertaining. Modern buyers often show a preference for open concept designs, but that does not mean your formal living room can’t become a showpiece you can use to sell your home.

    With a little styling, your formal living room can look beautiful and modern. Here’s how:

    • Repaint: Older homes tend to have lots of wood paneling and may have deeper wall colors, too. However, many potential buyers want to see pale neutrals, such as ivory, beige or pale grey. Painting in these neutral shades can make the space look larger and more open. If you paint an entire floor the same color, your living room may also appear to flow more naturally with other rooms in the house.
    • Declutter: Formal living rooms can look small, but you can make them look much grander by decluttering. Remove any larger pieces of furniture and most of your knickknacks. Put them in storage if you have to, but aim to remove about half of the furniture and most of your own belongings from a space. Leave just a few attractive pieces in the room and place the largest items to the left corner of the room. Your potential buyers should be able to imagine their own photos and mementos in the space.
    • Stage the room: If you have older furniture or don’t have an eye for design, consider getting your formal living room professionally staged. This involves having rental furniture professionally arranged in the room for showings and the sale process. An interior design professional can select items to highlight the “bones” of the house and any unique selling points.
    • Highlight the windows and light: If your living room has windows, make sure they are absolutely clean and take down any heavy drapes or curtains, replacing them with pale and simple curtains. Let in as much light as you can, even if the view is not perfect. Set up lamps around the room and add a large mirror across from the window to catch and reflect as much light as possible. More light and the reflection from the mirror will make the space look larger and more open.
    • Create seating: Group a few chairs or a sofa and armchair together around a window with a great view or a mantelpiece. Create an inviting space where buyers can linger or can picture themselves entertaining.
    • Get close to perfect: Walk through the formal living room and notice whether there is anything that is not in perfect condition. Are there cobwebs, squeaky door hinges, a crooked curtain rod or any other imperfections? Fix them before the first showing.

    Need More Help?

    Selling a home in the York, PA area is about more than moving furniture around. To get professional, experienced help in listing your home and attracting buyers, contact us at CENTURY 21 Core Partners to speak with one of our experienced agents.

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