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    Staging Tips for Your Kitchen

    Kitchen Design

    No one wants to walk into a home and see the way the owners live — they want to walk into a home and be able to imagine themselves living there. That’s why staging is so important. Everyone’s keep their kids’ artwork on the fridge, the often-used appliances on the counters and the dish scrubber in or lying next to the sink. But these signs of everyday life need to disappear when you’re trying to stage your kitchen for a home sale.

    Here’s a look at the best tips for staging your kitchen:

    • Clean It: Your kitchen and bathrooms are most likely the dirtiest places in the house. When you’re getting ready to sell your home, they need a deep and professional cleaning. So call in the pros to scour your kitchen and make it shine. This includes polish for metal fixtures and your sink, cleaning the oven and microwave and much more. Every spot in the kitchen should look clean enough to eat off of — even the floor!
    • Clear It: Get everything off your counters. Crowded countertops will make your kitchen look smaller and less usable than it really is. Yes — you use your coffee maker every morning, but it’s got to go. Make your prospective buyers feel like your home’s kitchen is boundless with space and possibilities.
    • Organize It: Clearing the counters does not mean stuffing things into pantries and cabinets. Know that your prospective buyers will be curious enough to open each door in your kitchen. What they see can affect how they view your home. For example, if they see cabinets and pantries piled high and overflowing with your stuff, it will make the kitchen seem like it lacks storage. Organize and thin out these spaces to demonstrate that your kitchen has more than enough space.
    • Paint It: It’s never a bad idea to update the color in your kitchen, and this is also a relatively inexpensive tactic. Check design magazines or consult an interior designer to learn about the hot colors that will jive well with your kitchen and the rest of your home’s interior. One coat of appropriate paint can make your kitchen sing.
    • Style It: Now it’s time to add the final flourishes. You want to style your kitchen and make it feel homey without going too far. Add a dispenser of fine soap to the sink, stack your best cookbooks in one corner, place a bowl of fresh fruit on the island and place flowers in the windowsill. These little things can go a long way toward someone falling in love your kitchen.

    Also, always be mindful of any smells. Your deep clean should do away with bad odors. Now, create good ones by placing incense in your kitchen or burning a stylish and well-placed candle.

    At CENTURY 21 Core Partners, we know how to close deals. We can walk you through a home sale from start to finish, including staging tips for your kitchen. When you need the most experienced and knowledgeable real estate agents in York, PA, you need CENTURY 21 Core Partners.

    Contact us today to speak to one of our agents about your home sale.

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