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    Selling a House with Dogs

    A dog with owners packing up a houseDogs are an important member of your family, and your house has been considered their home to run, play and sleep for many years. But, no matter how clean or well-behaved your dog is, the presence of your furry companion can be a turn-off for potential home buyers. Even if it seems unfounded or unreasonable, many potential buyers are turned off by homes with pets because of nervousness or fear of animals or inexperience around strange dogs.

    Many professional real estate agents recommend relocating your pet throughout the duration of time you’re trying to sell your home — to ensure you receive top dollar for your property and avoid having the house sit on the market for a long time — either by housing them in a lovely kennel or letting them enjoy a vacation with a family member or close friend.

    While housing your pet in an alternative location is the ideal solution when you’re selling a house with a dog, sometimes this option isn’t possible. If you’re selling your home, the best solution for a quick sale is to minimize the exposure potential buyers have to your beloved dog.

    Selling a House With a Dog

    You enjoy spending time in your home with your pet every day, but that means that over time, you may become unaware or nose-blind to the damages and smells your pet can unintentionally leave behind — such as stains, claw and chew marks, waste smells or just the odors left behind by their presence.

    When you’re selling your home, take these steps to minimize the impact of your pet on potential home buyers and sell your house quickly — and for full value:

    • Crate Your Pets: While your house is being shown, make sure your pet is safely secured in a crate or carrier in a remote location of the house, not in bedrooms, the kitchen or the living room. Leave a note for the potential buyers advising them not to disturb your dog during the showing.
    • Keep Your Home Spotless: Most people who have dogs or cats have experienced some pet-related damage to their home, from chewed surfaces and stained flooring to bald patches of your yard. While these instances may not be noticeable to you, a potential buyer will see them right away. Minimize the appearance of damages by repairing items around your home or hiring a professional company to fix them. You should also thoroughly clean any carpets and consider having your HVAC system thoroughly cleaned to remove any lingering pet odors.
    • Maintain a Polished Appearance: After fixing minor damages, keep your home looking spotless by vacuuming any pet hair and dirt at least once per day and picking up any stray materials that remind buyers the house has a dog. Remove any photos with your dog, lock dog doors, put away food and water supplies and collect any scattered toys.

    Call CENTURY 21 Core Partners Today to Sell Your Home

    Are you considering selling your home? Let the professionals at CENTURY 21 Core Partners help! Whether you own a dog or not, our years of experience can help you sell your current home and find a new house anywhere in central Pennsylvania. We’re central Pennsylvania’s most innovative real estate team, and we’ll work closely with you to ensure we understand your needs and provide you with a real estate experience that is efficient and smooth.

    Learn more about our real estate services today by contacting us online or calling us at 717-718-0748 to speak to a specialist.

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