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Tips on Selling a Home During the Holidays 

Let’s get this out of the way at the top: December is not the ideal time to try to sell a home. Why? Because everyone is busy during the holidays, and few people are focused on buying or selling a property. The ripe time to put your home on the market is spring, which is right around the corner. But there are plenty of reasons why home sellers find themselves in a situation where they absolutely need to find a buyer at the end of the

If you find yourself in such circumstances, know that it isn’t impossible. Is it hard to sell a home in December? Yes. But it’s far easier when you follow these tips to sell a house during the holidays:

  • Easy on the décor: Don’t be shy about decorating for the holidays — just don’t go overboard. One of the keys to selling a home is emphasizing how much space if offers. Find a tree that’s on the smaller end of the size spectrum and give it some headroom rather than going for one that scrapes your ceiling and takes up a huge chunk of the living room. Also, make sure everything remains orderly. For example, a small touch like carefully stacking presents in one corner can go a long way toward making your home feel large and organized. Lastly, red is a color of emotion — so make sure there’s plenty of red mixed into your wintertime décor.
  • Price to sell: December is not the time to price high and see if someone bites. Given how much more difficult the market is at the end of the year, it’s best to price your home to move. You want to get as much foot traffic through the door for showings, and the best way to do that is with an amount that provides a sense of value.
  • Focus on curb appeal: Go easy on the décor inside, and make sure you’re taking advantage of holiday opportunities to enhance your curb appeal. Simple, elegant holiday lights can go a long way to making your home shine both figuratively and literally. If easier, hire a lighting company to do the installation. It’s easy to add a wreath to your front door to add a warm and inviting focal point to your exterior. If needed, consider adding a new entry door to really create the curb appeal you need to move a home at the end of the year.
  • Create a cozy environment: Take advantage of the season by turning your home into a warm, welcoming, comfortable refuge for interested buyers who stop by for showings. Make sure the heat is turned up, leave a freshly baked treat out in the kitchen and add some music and a scented candle to further activate the senses. A cozy environment will encourage a visitor to stay longer.
  • Don’t cut corners: You need to check all the boxes when selling a home during the holidays. Make sure your listing describes the best aspects of your home. Get professional photos taken. And consider adding virtual walkthroughs. You’ll want to pull out all the stops when marketing a home to sell at the end of the year.
  • Hire the right agent: Having the right agent makes a world of difference when you’re wondering how to sell a house in December. The perfect agent knows the strategies and tactics that will make the difference between successfully selling a home at the end of the year and seeing it linger on the market into the New Year.

At CENTURY 21 Core Partners, we know how hard it is to sell a house in December. But we’re also familiar with the most effective tips to make it a success. If you’re trying to sell your property fast before the end of the year, let us provide the expert guidanceand representation you need.

Contact us today to speak to one of our agents about how to sell a house in December.

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