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    How to Sell a House Without a Basement

    When most people are looking to buy a home, they’ll probably want to take a look at the basement. But really, does a home need a basement? Some homes are built on a concrete slab rather than a crawl space — with no basement to speak of. If you have one, you may wish for some advice on how to sell a house without a basement. Here are five tips to consider.

    1. Find out About Other Homes in Your Area

    Your home may not have a basement because something about the area in which it’s located precludes this kind of construction. If that’s the case, you really don’t need to do anything, besides perhaps being armed with an explanation to potential buyers that no homes in the area can have basements.

    2. Talk to Other Homeowners

    During your research on other homes in the area, if you do find any without a basement, consider talking to their owners about what made them decide they wanted to buy even though a basement was not part of the deal. They may be able to offer some useful ideas that you can use when pitching your home to potential buyers.

    3. Play up the Other Advantages of Your Home and the Disadvantages of a Basement

    Basements aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. They often end up being repositories of junk that the homeowner should probably throw out. It’s a part of the home that can get flooded and may require regular cleaning and other maintenance. You may want to emphasize the simplicity of a home without a basement and point out different features of the house — such as extra-large closets or a roomy study — that could take the place of some of what a basement offers.

    4. Build a Basement

    You can get a home improvement loan for construction of a basement, but this process can be a very costly endeavor, even for a small basement. You need to ask yourself honestly if you’ll recoup the expense of the basement construction in the higher value you can sell the house for and the increased speed with which you may make the sale.

    5. Drop the Price

    You’ll probably want to save this action as a last resort, but you might have to come down a little on the price to make your non-basement home attractive to buyers, especially if it’s one of the few non-basement homes in the area.

    Of course, if you’re trying to sell a home with or without a basement in York, PA, the best tip we can offer is to make CENTURY 21 Core Partners a part of your team. We understand the needs of both buyers and sellers of PA homes and can help you settle on the best strategy for quickly selling your home without a basement. We have years of experience selling homes throughout York, PA, and beyond and are ready to put that knowledge to work for you today.

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