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How to Sell a House With One Bathroom

one-tub-in-bathroomIs it hard to sell a one-bathroom house? It’s not as simple and straightforward as selling a home with multiple bathrooms, but it’s not impossible, either.

Tips to sell a house with one bathroom, quickly and at maximum possible value:

1. Consider the Addition

You may be wondering: Do I need to add a second bathroom? That’s an excellent question to ask, and there are really two primary decision factors. First, do you have space for a second bathroom? If you’re talking about adding onto your home, the cost of a second bathroom is going to skyrocket. However, if you have existing space that can be repurposed, the cost-benefit analysis might work in your favor.

Second, can you recoup the cost of a bathroom addition? It’s unlikely you’re going to get out penny for penny what you put into a bathroom addition, but simply having a second bathroom might spur more foot traffic through your home and expand your base of buyers.

2. Make Your One Bathroom Shine

OK, let’s say you decide against adding a second bathroom. You need to make the one bathroom you have shine. Consider updating the paint, replacing fixtures and hardware, and even updating the flooring if it needs it. When you only have one bathroom, you need to do everything possible to make it look like the best bathroom in home history.

3. Drive as Much Traffic as Possible

One of the challenges with a one-bathroom house is that many buyers will filter it out immediately. They won’t even consider looking at photos of your home or learning more about it right from the start. So there’s little margin for error when marketing your one-bathroom home. Make sure the photos are spectacular, the description is compelling and you use social media and all channels at your disposal to get the word out. Also, incorporate differentiators like drone video, virtual tours and more. Highlight what makes your home unique and irresistible independent of the one bathroom.

4. Be Careful on Price

It’s never a good idea to get greedy with a one-bathroom home. If you price too high, it’s going to linger on the market, and a home that’s been on the market for weeks and months is seen skeptically by buyers. It’s essential to price your home correctly from the start. Make it a must-see, and avoid the weeks and months on the market that lead to additional skepticism.

5. Secure the Best Agent Possible

You should not go it alone when selling a one-bathroom home. Make sure you have the expert guidance and service you need when you choose an agent from CENTURY 21 Core Partners to sell your home in or around York, Pennsylvania. Our team includes nothing but talented, dedicated real estate professionals who know how to make the most of challenges like selling a one-bathroom home.

Contact us today and secure your real estate agent.

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