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Selling a House With a Sloped Backyard

home with a sloped yardYou’re ready to sell your house, and you know that potential buyers will love a lot of features about your home. What you’re sure they won’t love is buying a home with a sloped backyard.

Selling a house with a steep backyard can be extremely challenging, as most people like the idea of an outdoor space that’s flat and level so that they can barbecue, have their kids run around and play and otherwise enjoy the area in a way that’s difficult on a hill. So what can you do to improve your odds when selling a house with a sloped backyard?

Selling Points

The first thing you may want to do is consider the positive selling points of having a backyard on a hill. If the buyers have kids and the area gets snow in the winter, remind them that a sloped yard can be ideal for sled-riding. Families with younger children may be a demographic you want to target. You can also get good exercise walking up and down your backyard, will have more privacy from your nearby neighbors and can get a good view of the neighborhood from the top.

People will probably expect to pay less for your home than for a comparable home in the area without a sloped backyard, which you can turn into a selling point if you’re willing to lower the price.

What Buyers Consider

One of the first things your buyer will consider is whether the backyard slopes away from or toward the house. If it slopes towards the house, you have a real problem, as it greatly increases the likelihood of the home flooding or getting water damage when it rains or snows. If it slopes away from the house, it will be all about just how severe the slope is, and how much, if any, flat ground you have before the slope starts.

What You Can Do

As mentioned, the first thing you’ll have to do is adjust the price accordingly. If the slope is toward the house, you’ll probably have to make a considerable adjustment if you want to sell your house. If it slopes away, perhaps not as much. You may want to consider a home improvement project to divert or drain rainwater away from the house before it rolls down the hill if you have a negative slope.

You might also consider placing groundcover, planting flowers or incorporating other landscape features throughout the backyard to turn the slope into something with aesthetic appeal. In addition, think about what made you purchase the house despite the slope, and prepare to play up those factors when selling.

When you’re trying to sell a home with a sloped backyard in York, PA, and surrounding areas, another great move is to enlist the help of CENTURY 21 Core Partners. We’ve sold all kinds of houses to all kinds of people throughout Southeast PA and beyond, and we know the strategies and tactics you need to sell yours. To find out more, contact us today.

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