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Can You Sell a Home With Asbestos?

Asbestos is a significant red flag when it comes to buying a home. Why? Becomes asbestos includes tiny fibers that can cause mesothelioma, a type of cancer. Since 1978, homes have been built without asbestos given how damaging it can be to your health. But homes built before 1978 may still have asbestos present, depending on whether the issue has been addressed or not.

But can you sell a home with asbestos? Of course, a buyer would rather buy a home  without asbestos. But the presence of asbestos need not be a deal-breaker in some situations. Here’s a look at the steps you need to take and the things you need to know as you consider selling a home with asbestos.

What You Need to Know About Homes and Asbestos

First, you should know that you absolutely can sell a home with asbestos in it. The catch is that you cannot sell a home with asbestos without disclosing its presence. That leaves you with a decision to make.

If you fix the asbestos problem before selling the home, you’ll get much more dollar-wise out of your home sale. That said, you will have to spend a significant amount of money to have the asbestos professionally removed. So it’s almost reduced to a simple math problem. Is the amount of money you walk away with greater when you sell a home without asbestos minus the cost of removing it, or is your take-home greater selling at a discount and not fixing the problem?

Asbestos Disclosure Requirements

Asbestos can be present in tile, siding and insulation that was installed prior to 1978. For most of the 20th century, asbestos was commonly used in building products. This was well before the ill effects it can have on health were known.

To be clear: You have a legal obligation to apprise buyers of the presence of asbestos before a sale. And, to prevent wasting everyone’s time, it’s best to let them know as early in the process as possible.

Do Home Inspections Check for Asbestos?

How do you know whether or not your pre-1978 home has asbestos? You get an inspection from a professional. A professional can test for asbestos-related toxins in the air. An inspection by a professional protects the seller from liability, as it allows the seller to confidently fill out a disclosure stating there’s no asbestos present.

Help With the Most Challenging Sales

Not every homeowner has a pristine, fully updated property to put on the market. And that’s OK. At CENTURY 21 Core Partners, we work with sellers every day who are trying to find buyers for homes that need a little help — asbestos included. When you’re trying to sell a home that comes with some inherent challenges, you need an expert walking alongside you and supporting that sale.

At CENTURY 21 Core Partners, we offer a team of real estate professionals who know the city and who are deeply committed to helping clients meet their goals. When you need a real estate agent that gets results in York, PA, turn to the team you’ll find at CENTURY 21 Core Partners.

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