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    Sell a Home As Is

    red flags when buying a home

    What do you see when you look at your home? If you’ve been in your home a long time and haven’t had the money to invest in updates, repairs and maintenance, it may not look like a home that will quickly sell on the open market. This leaves you with challenging questions: Should I sell my home as is? Or do I need to update and renovate first? There’s no hard fast and answer to these questions. There’s only what’s right and best for your unique situation. Here’s some information that should be helpful as you decide whether to sell a home as is or fix it up first.

    Do the Math

    What do the numbers say? Some home improvements deliver on a strong return on investment, while others do not. High return home improvement projects include new entry and garage doors, fresh siding and attic-to-bedroom conversions. Low return home improvement projects include bathroom remodels and bedroom additions. Do some research on the areas of need in your home. If they are low-return areas, you may want to consider selling as is rather than making updates. There’s never a guarantee you will recapture your money, even you perform so-called “high-return” renovations.

    Know How Long Will You Stay

    Here’s another consideration: How long will you be in your home? If you want to sell three years down the road, make updates that you will like and lessen the importance of return on investment. You’ll have three years to enjoy the upgrades yourself, which is valuable enough. And how knows? The updates you make may inspire you to stay in your home a bit longer.

    Consider Trading ‘As Is’ for ‘As Is’

    And here’s one more consideration: Make updates to your next home rather than your current home. You’re not the only person wondering: Can I sell my home as is? Sell yours without making updates, and then choose a home that also needs updating. You’ll be more excited about making renovations in a home that’s going to be a long-term home rather than making updates in a home that’s going on the market soon. Someone else will fall in love with your as-is home and enjoy making updates to it, while you rehab your new property. Selling a home as is may mean more time on the market, but that’s OK because you haven’t made a significant financial outlay in which you’re looking to recoup quickly.

    Get the Guidance You Need

    You don’t have to make these difficult decision on your home. At CENTURY 21 Core Partners, we can help you sell a home as is in York, PA. We can provide expert guidance as you consider the numbers and whether or not it’s worth your time to update a home before selling.

    Contact us today about selling your home as is versus making fixes before going on the market.


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