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Prepping for Rain

Every year, all year in PA it rains. It’s not uncommon and sometimes the rain can and will go on for days. When the Rainy and hurricane season comes through in October & November, you want to be prepared. 

Before the Rain:

Inspect your roof and gutters before the rain, clean out any debris from your gutters. Keeping on top of this every season will help you stay on top of the chore and notice issues as they arise.

Getting in a professional to inspect the basement before the rainy season can be extremely beneficial for noticing – mold, water damage, leaks, weak spots and to make sure your sub pump is in proper working order. Also, check for these same issues around the rest of your home. It’s better to be proactive before the rain comes instead of dealing with problems as the rain is happening. 

Trees around your home is a wonderful thing. Keeping them tidy is an even better thing! Pruning your trees and removing dead or fallen branches before high winds can help keep your home damage-free from the unwanted branches.

When it Rains:

Is your basement prone to flooding? Keep all of your belongings and wires up off the floor or at flood hight. Water socks can be great for your garage or basement, they can hold gallons of water for temporary fixes.  When moving into your new home, be sure to know the risk of floods in your area. Homeowner’s insurance does not always cover floods. 

Keep in the know when in-climate weather is coming your way and how long it will stay with your local weather stations. Get to higher ground with a rain emergency kit if needed. Need to prep a rain emergency kit? Here is a great place to start with preparing one:

Bonus – Flooding and Driving:

Do not try to drive through a flooded area, cars can be swept away with as little as 2 feet of flash flooding. Reduce speed to under 35 MPH is help reduce the risk of hydroplaning. If hydroplaning occurs, avoid hard braking and turning, this can worsen the slip. Instead, continue in the direction the car is going and slow down gradually.

Hurricane season is already upon us, In PA it hasn’t been the worst we’ve seen but it’s always smart to be as prepared as possible. Keep the areas that have been hit hard by devastating hurricanes this season in your thoughts –  if you’d like more information on 2020s hurricanes, you can find it here: &

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