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Prep for The Holidays – 2020 Style

Once again, we are still to be limiting our interaction with each other during this pandemic. It’s a pretty big bummer for families that get together for the holidays. This year though was a great year for starting new traditions and honestly, come together closer but in new ways. Here are a few tips to keep the holidays alive this year ~



Keep yourself organized with a list of some kind  – it’s easy to lose track of your online orders and wrapping!

You’ll find over time I am a BIG DIY-er. Handmade holiday cards make this year feel a little more personal without breaking the budget. These alone will put a smile on anyone’s face. 

Online Shopping is a blessing right now with delivery – with direct delivery to your recipience address, give them a video call when the package arrives and never miss that moment! – Order as early as possible though,  we know this is going to be the hot way of doing things this year.

If you know my suggestions at this point – You truly can never go wrong with flowers. Most flower shops do deliver, check your local shop first and get in early! Grocery store flowers mean just as much, save the hassle of going through the florist and drop them off on the front porch yourself for a dash of personal thought.

If you are feeling pretty crafty, wreaths from your extra Christmas tree branches are a really special handmade gift while also being cost-effective and resourceful.

Create A photo calendar for 2021 for family members and friends that missed seeing you and your family this past year! There are a few websites you can get this service done for you smoothly.

Holiday sweets are so much fun to make – Drop off a festive basket on the front porch add that handmade card or flowers for the doubly creative holiday sparkle!


Declutter and Plan:

I’m new to writing these blogs but if you’ve seen a few of mine, you know these are my biggest go-to recommendations, a clean space is a clear head – planning helps ease the anxiety of rushing around when the holidays are in progress.

Cleaning up a space for optimal movement and perfectly decorated backgrounds at any angle for family photo memories! We might not have a ton of photo memories this year, why not the ones we do capture be as nice as possible! Plus, space for a bunch of wrapping paper and gifts that will surely be thrown around at some point.

Or hey, if no one is visiting this year, just enjoy your hot cocoa and a refreshed holiday space!

Plan when you are baking your holiday treats and sending out your gifts. The mail has been working extra hard this year, on top of the normal holiday shipping rush, you want to make sure your gifts arrive on time.

If you’re having a more laid back Holiday this time around, its the perfect year to declutter Christmas and holiday decor – fewer people are coming over, you may not have to go as hard on the holidays this year – less pressure to get everything done more time to figure out what you usually put out for decoration and what you usually leave in storage.


Create a new tradition:

This year we cannot necessarily get together for the holidays, it’s a perfect time to create something new to look forward to or to do apart and come together later.

Make and or Paint Ornaments, kind of like the idea of carving pumpkins on Halloween. You can pick solid color ornaments really anywhere this time of year, or you can stop by the craft store for clear ones! Crafty in other ways? Show it with an ornament you made for 2020!

It is a really good year to create a thankful jar – everyone writes a note or 2 and places it in a jar to read next holiday season. This year I think most of us truly figured out what is most important to us in life. I think we’ve all learned something at least.

Is there something big you’ve always wanted to cook but would not be ideal for everyone at Christmas dinner? Try that new recipe – no one is here to complain and you can finally enjoy cooking on the holiday!


And of course, like everyone has been saying all of 2020,  digitally Celebrate with everyone! – even family you would not normally see – get close again without the drive or plane ticket! Just keep your distance this year, it’s only one year we have to live like this. We can keep everyone safe for more days if we do not celebrate next to each other for 1 day.

Happy Holidays from your friends here at CENTURY21 Core Partners!

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