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Packing Tips to Make Your Move Easier

Moving may be exciting, but it can also be a time of stress. After all, you have to figure out the most straightforward way to transport all of your items from one spot to another. Fortunately, there are easy tips for packing to move, and we have them right here. Whether you’re moving a grand piano or your grandmother’s precious vase that’s been handed down through several generations, you’ll find what you need in these simple packing tips for moving from CENTURY 21 Core Partners.couple looking at tablet while moving into new home with boxes

Packing Tips for Moving Large Furniture

Think that moving large furniture doesn’t require any pre-planning? Think again! Many people are surprised to learn that their large furniture pieces actually come apart. It’s common for dining room tables, recliner chairs and even executive desks to have removable parts. Rather than worry that your moving company will damage your furnishings, you may want to take these furniture pieces apart yourself. If this isn’t a possibility, supervise this type of project when the movers come. Have baggies and permanent markers on hand so you can store and label any hardware pieces; otherwise, they could be lost.

For all furniture, it’s important to cover items made from materials that can easily scratch or break. You may want to cover wood furniture with blankets, and even protect softer furniture, such as sofas, by duct taping a tarp around them. This eliminates worries that your furniture will be damaged in transit. Don’t forget that for furniture with screens, such as TVs, it’s critical to cover any parts that are delicate.

How to Organize Packing Breakables for a Move

We all have plenty of breakables in our households. These range from the dishes we use daily to special knick-knacks that we don’t want to see destroyed. The key to packing breakables is not to overpack any boxes, and to have padding around all the breakable items. Another great packing hack is to pack plates on their ends, rather than stack them. This alleviates the pressure placed on them, and reduces the chances that the plates on the bottom of the box will break.

If you have extremely fragile or treasured items, consider packing them in smaller boxes without anything else in the box except bubble wrap, padding or packing peanuts. Don’t want to spend a fortune on packing materials? Use soft dish clothes, crumpled newspapers or even paper towels instead.

The Best Way to Pack Clothes for a Move

There are several incredibly fast ways to pack your clothes for a move. The first is to keep all the clothes in your drawers. Just cover the top of the drawer with a self-adhering plastic wrap. That way, you don’t have to remove anything at all if it’s already folded and put away.

The second moving tip for clothing is to invest in a few wardrobe boxes. They’ll allow you to simply move your clothing from the closet to the box without having to do much else. If you want to avoid getting dust on your clothes, cover them in large garment bags first.

Finally, if you’re going to move, now is not the time to hold onto any clothes that are damaged, out of date, not to your liking, or too big or too small. Consider donating clothing you won’t wear, or throw away pieces that can’t be fixed. Your packing will be lighter, and you won’t waste time moving clothes you don’t wear anymore.

Easy Ways to Pack for Moving Make Relocating a Breeze!

Remember that there’s no reason to make your move complicated. With a little planning, you can get from your old home to your new home in a snap!

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