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    Mindfully decorate for yourself~

    Do you recall the television commercials that feature a woman entering a home, inhaling deeply, and being transported to a magical island? When preparing a mindfully curated home for showings, this should be the goal. The feeling of “home” should wrap its arms around potential buyers, just as in the commercial.  

    The obvious question now is to determine how to create this “hug”. 

    Decluttering is the perfect start to creating a buyer ready home. This alone can make a room inviting and appealing.  Weekly cleaning will keep the home feeling fresh and easy to show. Rid the rooms of nonessential items and overly personalized touches. Clearing off tables, surfaces and all tucked away areas will allow potential buyers to picture themselves living in the home.  

     A welcoming scent, and more so the absence of offensive odors can make the difference while selling a home.  The scent should be carefully selected to allow the home to feel cozy and warm. Coupled with some relaxing mood lighting this will allow visitors to embrace a relaxed and carefree mood. Burning candles and opening curtains to allow for an abundance of natural light will help turn the home into a sanctuary.  

     A final suggestion includes adding plants and greenery to a home. This will not only contribute to an idealistic setting but will also clean the air. These coupled with a fresh splash of neutral paint to really bring in the idea of a natural feel. Adding rugs, throw pillows, and blankets will also make your space more inviting. 


    What is the biggest takeaway from this? A home does not necessarily have to look empty or sterile as seen on Pinterest and Instagram to be appealing to buyers. The idea is to be mindful of the feeling that potential buyers get when touring the property. At the end of the day, a “hug” of comfort from the setting that is created is ideal.  

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