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    Investing For Beginners

    Have you ever thought about investing and not sure how?

    Investing is one of the most effective ways to earn money by making a profit from financial ventures.

    Here are just a few steps to take before diving into an investment:

    Step 1

    Make Smart Business Decisions


    There are so many different types of investments you can start from, growth investments, share investments, property investments, defensive investments, cash investments to fixed interest investments. Please make sure that for an each an every one of these you do your research on not only the type of investment you are choosing, but the company and/or business/franchise you are investing in, in order to allow yourself to be more knowledgeable about where your money and time are being spent.

    Step 2

    Start Small and Save

    You do not have to spend big amounts right away!

    If you are already looking to invest, you can never go wrong with starting now. To start investing, most people believe they need a large sum of money to make a significant profit. Which is not the case. You can start by saving $50 to $100 a month towards your investment fund and you are already making a change towards your future.

    Step 3

    Pick an Investment

    What are you investing in?

    –              Real Estate

    –              Stock Market

    –              Bonds


     When investing in Real Estate take into consideration home values have increased about 7.2% since 2018. 44 million homes are renter occupied, versus, 75 million owner occupied. Also, keep in mind the location of the property, valuation of the property, investment purpose, expected cash flow (if renting the property out) as well as, profit opportunities in case you are purchasing/renovating a home to sell.


    If you are investing in Real Estate, it is always best to be local. So, if you live here in York, PA, make sure your investment property is in York itself or withing a short drive like, Lancaster or Hanover or Red Lion or Dallastown, even Gettysburg… and have a contingency plan for emergency repairs, lock-outs & such. Our agents here at Century 21 Core Partners can certainly help you formulate a solid plan so there are no surprises and you get to have a smooth experience as a Landlord.

    When investing in the Stock Market, start off with learning the basics of the stock market such as, rules, terminology (commonly used by other investors), economy, and market cycles. In addition, evaluate your risks, consider investing in multiple options and make sure you always keep an emergency fund in case of a downfall in your investment.


    When investing in Bonds, there are some things you may need to know. There are low-risk bonds, high-risk bonds, and investment grade bonds. Bonds can be offered and sold by corporations, the federal government, government-spon

    sored agencies, cities, states, and other public authorities. Bonds come in many varieties and are tax-free from state and local taxes if you, the investor, live in the same municipality.

    Step 4

    Use Investment Apps

    To start your investing journey, there are apps that are made for micro investing to get you started. Some of these apps require a minimum amount of $5 or less to start investing. Before you take on buying houses, buying in to stock, or even purchasing bonds, make sure you check out some of these apps that provide you with a list of investments to choose from and watch your investment grow little by little, or cent by cent.

    • Stash
    • Acorns
    • Betterment
    • Robinhood
    • Invstr

    It’s never too late to start investing and watch the great outcome it can have on your financial stability. Even during an ever-changing market. Begin investing today!

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