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    Increase the value of your home

    Inspection – Surgical and Cosmetic 

    Having an interior designer or your realtor come through the home to give you ideas on what could be changed to upgrade the appearance of your home is a great place to start. This way it is easier to pinpoint what is the most important improvements without wasting time or money. Get in the professionals to do an inspection of the essentials – plumbing, roof, electrical, the internal workings of the home will only add value to the home you are trying to sell. Updating these things will only make buyers happier to look at the home.


    Going along with improvements: Energy Efficiency 

    Inspect windows, basement, water heater – it is worth getting checked out when thinking about paying the monthly bills for utilities in the future. Consult local utility companies, see what upgrades or quick and easy fixes they have in mind for your home. Ceiling fans are an easy way to lower the overall cost of your energy bill by using it with an effective air conditioning system.


    Clean & Organized

    People love looking at aesthetically pleasing houses, it is much more attractive when the stuff in the house has a home. Break out the cleaning supplies – its a must to deep clean & declutter: dust, scrub, wash walls, vacuum and sweep. Old carpets and rugs are not the worst things to let go of. Do it all for the photo ops! Selling is easier and faster when the home looks simple, the buyer can get a vision of themselves in their home.



    Whether its true investment updates to the home or simple ones – updates are where you pull in buyers! Kitchen & Bathroom updates are what people love to look for. A huge renovation is always necessary, changes can be cosmetic – like changing the look of fixtures to match and look current or just removing old wallpaper does a lot! Something to note for the future, fewer bathtubs, sanding showers are in – thinking about the long term as we all age. Outdoor entertainment areas are a nice little final touch to dress it up the back yard. Add some outdoor seating and lights to stage the perfect get-together space – give it some rhyme and reason!



    Paint everything in sight, you can’t go wrong with a fresh coat of paint. Can’t update the kitchen and bath? Paint it. Cabinets are not looking so new – paint them. master bedroom looking like your parents? – P A I N T  I T.  Warm and earthy tones are always in, you can’t go wrong with bringing in nature. Paint gives the home a fresh and new feeling. This is an update you can 100% DIY, new paint can be about $25 per gallon, well worth it when it can add value to the home!


    Simple and small DIY edits to your home can go a long way when showing it off – you don’t need to bring in a whole reno team to try to sell you home… Although definitely couldn’t be the worst thing ever!  Happy Selling!

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