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    How to Prepare for an Open House

    Watch one or two episodes on HGTV, and you’ll hear the hosts talking quite a bit about www. Staging can be a critical differentiator that can attract people and encourage them to submit bids for your home sooner rather than later. No home seller wants to have a house sit on the market for a long time, and staging can prepare for an open house that elicits buyer interest.

    Open House
    A home for sale shows the open house sign on a sunny afternoon.

    Tips for Preparing for an Open House

    When you’re preparing your home for showing, you want it to look its best. While you can’t necessarily go out and buy tons of new furniture, you can certainly do a lot to make your house look fantastic. Some of the biggest recommendations as you prepare for an open house include:

    • Remove all the clutter. Be relentless. The less clutter, the bigger your rooms will seem. Either use this as an opportunity to finally get rid of useless items, or pack them away and store them in an attic, basement, garage, crawl space or offsite location until you move.
    • Clean the house — and keep it that way. You never know when someone might want to see your home, even after the first open house. If you don’t have the time to get your residence in tiptop shape, hire someone to do it for you. The investment will pay off, especially if you get several bids from which to choose.
    • Add a fresh coat of paint. There’s something exciting about walking into a home that feels fresh. Opt for neutral color palettes that will appeal to a broad sector of homebuyers. If you sense that your house feels cold without some hues, add colorful sofa pillows, window treatments or bath towels to spice up the room.
    • Fix all the little repairs. Have a drawer handle that’s broken? Get it repaired. Need to replace a light fixture? Do it while preparing your home for showing. Don’t give potential buyers anything to turn them off from loving what they see! Most people want a move-in-ready house, not a house they’ll have to constantly fix.
    • Take down all your personal photos. This is a trick that many people swear by. When you remove all your personal pictures, you make it possible for anyone who attends the showing to envision their own family in the space. It may feel odd to you to remove the photo of your son’s graduation, or your wedding picture, but remember that you’ll put it back up again in your new home.
    • Clean the rugs and floors. Go beyond vacuuming and pay for a deep clean of all carpets, as well as finishing of wooden floors. It makes a complete difference. Plus, your home will smell fresher and cleaner. To keep your flooring as spotless as you can during the period when you’re trying to sell your home, try not to wear shoes in the home. This will lessen the amount of debris tracked in.
    • Make the beds. Yes, mom was right. You have to make your bed every morning. Who wants to come into your bedroom only to see the sheets and pillows in a crumpled ball? You don’t have to leave a mint on the bedspread, but it should look attractive and neat.

    Preparing your home for an open house takes time and energy, but when you do it right, you increase the odds that you won’t have to wait too long to see a CENTURY 21 Core Partners “Sold” sign in your front yard or along the sidewalk!

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