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    How to Decorate to Make Small Spaces Feel Large

    Many people reap the benefits of smaller homes — they are more affordable, require less upkeep and are more sustainable for the environment. Better yet, with a smaller home size, you don’t have to sacrifice spaciousness. Even if your home is not particularly small, you may have a small room or two that you wish felt more spacious.

    Here are the top six ways to make a small space feel bigger:

    1. Mirrors

    Strategically placed mirrors can increase the appearance of depth in your walls and make a room feel longer than it actually is. They also reflect natural light coming in through the windows, brightening the space and giving it a more open feel.

    2. Painting

    There are a number of painting tricks to make a small space feel bigger. First, you can simply paint everything white. White paint reflects natural light as well as other colors in the room, hides the edges of your space and makes the room feel lighter and look brighter and more open.

    Another tactic is to apply lighter gradients of paint color as you go up a wall. Start at the bottom with a darker color, say, green, and use progressively lighter greens as you go up towards the ceiling. This technique will draw the eye and open up the room.

    3. Smaller Furniture

    When you have a small space, be more judicious with the size of your furniture. Choose a smaller coffee table or sofa and consider pieces that fold away or hug walls neatly.

    4. Creative Ways to Separate Areas

    Open concept spaces can often make a small apartment or home seem more cluttered, rather than larger and more open. Place sofas or bookcases in strategic locations to create separate areas, or find a tasteful divider that you can open and close as needed.

    5. Out-of-the-Box Storage Solutions

    Many beds and sofas incorporate effective storage. Plus, save space with a trundle bed that folds away to reveal bookshelves or other storage options underneath.

    6. Vertical Space

    When you have a small amount of horizontal space, what you do with your vertical space is critical. Shelving, bookcases and other tall items let you take full advantage of your vertical space when decorating.

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