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    Housewarming Party Tips

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    So you’ve made the plunge and purchased a new home. You want to show it off, right? But hosting a housewarming party can be big-time fun or a big-time bust. Ensure you’re making the most of the first shindig in your new home by following these housewarming party tips:

      • Mix Groups: Creating a guest list is challenging, but don’t be shy about mixing groups. There’s a great joy in identifying your own friends who may not know each other but who share a lot in common. Don’t be afraid to blend different crowds — a housewarming party is one of the best opportunities to do so.


      • Choose a Compelling Theme: The right theme can really tie things together, from attire to music to food and more. Themes can be seasonally appropriate, tied to the architecture or an interesting feature in your home or play off an interest you share with a number of your friends.


      • Keep It Clean but Casual: Don’t go too formal, though. No one likes the thought of a housewarming party where they have to get overly dressed up. Having people to your home should make them feel warm and welcome, and casual attire helps achieve this feel. But casual does not mean an excuse for you to not clean before the party begins. This is your first big opportunity to show off your new home, and it would be a shame if your home was not sparklingly pristine before the big event.


      • Post a Greeter: Make your visitors feel welcome by posting a greeter at the door. A greeter can share where to hang coats, place bags, leave gifts — always out of the way — and where to find the restrooms. A greeter can also point guests in the direction of food and drinks. Any housewarming guest wants to start the party with a drink in hand.


      • Create a Guestbook: Make sure this is a memorable experience by capturing the names of attendees. When you post a greeter, have them point guests to a guestbook first thing. You’ll be glad to be able to look back on the guestbook and remember this party years later.


      • Provide Great Food: Go with heavy hors d’oeuvres or finger foods, and make sure you provide options for any guests with dietary restrictions.


      • Play Some Rocking Music: Think about your theme and craft a playlist that perfectly complements it. If the theme doesn’t lend itself to music, use another method for designing your playlist. Never go without music. A party without music is like watching a movie without a soundtrack — you’d be amazed at how much it’s missed.


      • Forgo the Formal Tour: Consider giving as-asked-for tours. Rather than gathering the group together for one big walkthrough, wait for your guests to ask to see the house. This gives you a chance to have more intimate conversations with attendees and to respond directly to their questions about your new home.


    • Give Thanks: Never forget to thank those who came and those who gave gifts. Nothing makes a guest glad they came to your housewarming party like a handwritten note that appears in the mail the next week.

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