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    Should You Be Home During a Showing? A Guide to House Showing Etiquette

    Showing your home is a big step during the buying and selling process. While you may be tempted to stay at home and scope your home showings out, it’s generally a good idea to leave your house when others are taking a look around. Seeing as finding the right buyers for any home is a difficult and calculated task, you don’t want to risk negatively impacting a sale.

    Did you know staying out of your home during an open house has positive benefits? Keep reading to learn what they are.

    Allow Your Potential Buyers to Talk Freely About Your Home

    By removing yourself from your own home during open houses, you empower prospective buyers to exchange open dialogue about your home. They will be able to ask your agent all the questions they have and respond honestly to what they’re seeing. Whether they love your home or not, the comfort they’ll feel from a more private showing will enhance their overall experience. It may even result in them placing an offer right then and there.

    Avoid Saying Too Much During an Open House

    It’s entirely natural for homeowners to feel a sense of pride during open houses. It is your home, after all, and you know how to talk about it best. But sometimes, it’s possible to say too much. Leaving the talking to your seasoned real estate agent is the best way to ensure your potential buyers feel at ease and heard.

    If you do plan on staying home during an open house, try to be discrete and give your prospective buyers the space they need to fully explore your home.

    Boost Your Prospective Buyers Chances of Purchasing Your Home

    By staying out of the picture while potential buyers meet your home for the first time, you increase the likelihood of them inquiring about making a purchase. The privacy they again heighten their ability to ask your agent the right questions, negotiate terms and talk about hypothetical scenarios.

    Many prospective buyers report feeling like they can’t be one hundred percent authentic during an open house if the owner is present. To elevate your potential buyer’s experience to the highest possible level, try planning an outing for yourself while they get to know your home.

    Be Stress-Free During Open Houses

    Having your house shown while you’re inside it can be stressful. You may be wondering to yourself if the family likes what they’re seeing or second-guessing some of your open house planning. To avoid all that unnecessary stress — because your home is beautiful, and you’re doing an excellent job — consider taking a walk, seeing some friends or running some errands.

    Instead of worrying during your open house, use the time to be productive!

    How Century 21 Can Help You On Your Open House Journey

    Our expert real estate agents know how to sell to our specific clients and help them buy their perfect home. We are committed to helping your homeowner’s dream blossom. Contact us today to talk to a representative in York, PA, and schedule your first open house.

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