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    How to Make Your Home Feel Open-Concept

    When you want to sell your home, you need to clean it up and stage it. Part of that process is showing off your home’s best possible points and making the property look spacious. Buyers want to see open spaces and plenty of room to move.

    Chances are, there are several things you can do to help achieve an airy, open effect. Learning how to stage your home to be open concept can help you attract the right buyers by making your property look its best.

    How to Make My House Feel Open Concept

    You can make your home look more open if you:

    • Declutter: The less you have in each room, the easier it will be to make rooms look larger. Take out non-essential furniture, books, knickknacks and anything else that fills the space.
    • Arrange furniture carefully: Push some furniture up against the wall and some back from the wall to create more room to move. Experiment with different arrangements. In general, leave plenty of space around each piece so that people can walk around it easily.
    • Stage with furniture: You can rent furniture specifically for staging, and doing so may be a good idea if your furniture isn’t at its best or is oversized. Choosing pieces with a smaller footprint will create the appearance of more space.
    • Leave doors open where possible: You may even want to swap them out with glass doors or sliding barn doors to create more space.
    • Be careful with wall hangings: One large piece with an abstract design can make a room look larger. Be careful about overcrowding walls, however, or using too many smaller art pieces. These items can make a wall look cluttered and busy.
    • Look at the floors: Leaving hardwood floors bare will let you highlight the floors and can make the space look larger. Where possible, use furniture that shows the space underneath and has legs exposed. This setup can create the illusion of more space.

    How to Brighten My House Through Staging

    A few design ideas can make your space look lighter, airier and brighter, which can create the feel of a larger and more open area:

    • Draw the eye upward: Use stripes, curtains, tall furniture or art to draw the eye upward and create the look of taller ceilings.
    • Brighten with fresh paint: A fresh coat of paint always looks more appealing.
    • Swap out darker colors: When you’re painting, choose pale, neutral colors since light colors make spaces look larger. Keep the color scheme monochromatic, choosing a few different shades of the same color to make rooms flow seamlessly together.
    • Consider fabrics: Light fabrics such as linens and sheers in pale colors look best on windows, beds and cushions. They create a lighter and brighter look.
    • Use mirrors and light: Lighting is crucial in making your home look larger. Even if you don’t have the best view, open your curtains wide and keep them sparkling to let in light. Add some lamps to rooms without lots of natural light, and consider placing large mirrors across from windows. This setup will reflect light and create the illusion of a larger space.

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