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    Cost of Living in York PA

    The cost of living somewhere goes far beyond mortgage or rent payments. Every location has different prices for food, utilities, healthcare and transportation. If you want to move to York, PA, understanding the cost of living will help you determine a budget.

    Fortunately, York County has an overall lower cost of living than the Pennsylvania and national averages. While it costs 97% of the national average to live in Pennsylvania, it costs 95% of the national average to live in York County.

    Read on for a more complete breakdown by category. Every percentage is relative to the nation’s cost of living. For example, a place with a percentage of 102% costs 2% higher than the national average.


    • Pennsylvania vs. National Average: 102.2%
    • York vs. National Average: 102.6%

    Groceries in York have a slightly higher price than American groceries on average. However, it doesn’t differ much from state grocery costs. With a vibrant farmer’s marketaccess to the Snack Belt, and plenty of breakfast and lunch options, you might find the increase is worth it.

    Health Care

    • Pennsylvania vs. National Average: 97%
    • York vs. National Average: 94%

    You can’t afford anything else if you can’t take care of yourself. York makes it a little easier to stay healthy by having lower health care costs than the rest of the state and country.


    • Pennsylvania vs. National Average: 110%
    • York vs. National Average: 104%

    Pennsylvania has 10% higher utility costs than the United States average. York County reduces that number to 4%. Plus, 104% is the highest that York’s relative cost of living prices get.


    • Pennsylvania vs. National Average: 102%
    • York vs. National Average: 99%

    It costs slightly more than the national average to travel in Pennsylvania. However, you actually pay less when you need to go somewhere in York. Considering that the city of York has a commute time one minute longer than the national average, you get quite a deal.


    • Pennsylvania vs. National Average: 85%
    • York vs. National Average: 85%

    Both Pennsylvania and York County excel in the housing category. The homes in both areas cost an astounding 15% less than the United States average. No wonder only 23.4% of York County citizens rent their homes!

    Homes in York cost slightly more than the Pennsylvania median of $165,000, at a median of $173,700. However, this difference is not enough to prevent most homebuyers from getting a home. If you decide to rent instead of buy, you can enjoy lower rent prices than the national average across the county.

    Let Us Help You Stay Within Your Budget

    As you can see, York County has a more affordable cost of living than the national and state averages, mainly affected by housing prices. When you move here, you can find the house of your dreams at a lower cost than many parts of the United States.

    To learn more about York’s cost of living and housing market, feel free to get in touch with us. Our agents know all the ins and outs of buying a home in the area.

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