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    Cleaning up the Holidays

    Organizing after the holidays can be a bit of a headache when you’re looking at all the gifts flung about your living room and the decorations you still need to pull down now that it’s all over. I am always ready with the organization tips!


    Packing up the tree is always my most painful holiday task. I’ve learned a few tricks to make it a bit easier.

    First and foremost would be to reevaluate all your ornaments – broken ones for sure gotta go. Also the ones you’ve had in the bottom of the storage bin or the ones that no longer fit your taste? They should probably head out too. I feel like everyone has that weird extra piece of tinsel that’s falling apart – this is the year to say goodbye to that old friend too. most of us have a few of those sentimental pieces that we never actually put on the tree, maybe next year would be the year to get creative and revive these pieces.

    Let’s talk about how we are to store all the select ornaments that made it past the last round.  Grandma showed me this trick: egg cartons work for all your smaller, fragile ornaments as individual holders for each. This works for most small things, like nick-nacks and holiday trinkets. New something a bit bigger for storage? Plastic cups are great individual holders for bigger ornaments. I always have a bunch of wrapping paper scraps by the time I’m done with presents. I like to hold on to these scraps, crumble them up and use them as packing peanuts for my fragile holiday decor. Lights tend to get balled up and shoved in the box for next year you to deal with – let’s save future you that headache and wrap those festive nests around a piece of extra cardboard from the present boxes.

    It is best to prepare your whole storage area and declutter before putting all your holiday decorations right back into an unorganized hole in the basement. In that same space, to help with overall closet clutter, it’s a good practice to swap out your seasonal clothes. Putting your summer clothes in storage during the winter. This will give more space for all those sweaters and winter clothes when you need them.

    On the same vein of clothing in storage – I love to live by the “1 in 2 out rule” a new piece of clothing (or toys for the kiddos) comes in, 2 old pieces I no longer wear/use/want/etc are out the door. This is an easy and proactive way to keep from things running your life and home. This method also helps to make space for all your incoming gifts to have a home! It is important that all your new gifts have a spot in your home.

    For the gifts with no homes – Mainly ones that are not particularly your style, something you can use or just doesn’t bring you joy, Let’s say it together –  “You do NOT have to keep them” Yes there is some guilt to it but you can always donate everything from this blog post that you’re getting rid of if it is still in good shape! Those gifts and decore will bring smiles to another face and that’s what this season is about!

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