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    City v. Suburbs: What Makes Sense for You?

    If you’re considering moving to the York area of Pennsylvania, you’ll have many options. One of your choices will be whether to move to the city or the suburbs. City living in York, PA, offers many benefits, but so does living in the suburbs. Let’s take a closer look to help you decide.

    City Living

    City homes for sale in York, PA, include single-family homes as well as condos. The city of York has a good public transit system, and you may be closer to job opportunities as well as restaurants, shops, doctors’ offices, nightlife and all amenities. In fact, you may not even need a car.

    If you’re a professional, living in the city can mean lots of opportunities. Then again, if you run a small businesses mainly aimed at homeowners, you may find that most of your customers are in the suburbs, and being far from them may not be ideal.

    Cities tend to be more densely populated. You may enjoy that, or you may find the smaller yards to be a drawback. The active nightlife and city life could be an advantage, or you may see it as an unwanted source of noise and pollution. In general, you’ll pay more for a city home than for country living in York, PA, or the same-sized house in the suburbs.

    Suburban Living

    The suburbs are not quite rural areas, but they’re also close enough for a commute. They’re primarily residential areas, and some homebuyers appreciate the fact that there will be few or no businesses nearby. If you enjoy peace and quiet and want to be close to both the outdoors and a short drive from nature, suburbs can be appealing.

    In general, your money can go further with suburban homes in the York, PA, area, and you may be able to enjoy larger properties as well as larger yards. If you have children or health concerns, you may enjoy that the suburbs can get you further away from pollution caused by many cars. Statistically, crime, including violent crime and property crime, is also less likely to occur in suburban areas than in larger city areas.

    On the other hand, one of the drawbacks is that you may spend more time commuting. You’ll need to drive to handle most errands, and you may need to commute each day to go to work. What’s more, if you like crowds and an active social life, suburban living may feel too quiet.

    The Bottom Line

    You need to consider your requirements and preferred lifestyle. You may find that a chic urban condo within steps of restaurants and cultural events is exactly what you want. Or, you may want a quiet residential spot to raise a family or enjoy tranquility.

    York, PA, has many stunning homes for sale. You’re sure to find what you need whether you want a rural, urban or suburban experience. Why not take a look at the houses available through CENTURY 21 Core Partners to see for yourself what kinds of homes catch your interest? You can also contact our team to get professional assistance in finding your dream home.

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