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Benefits to Using Professional Photos to Sell Your Home

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Many home sellers try to fake their way through one of the most important parts of the process — real estate photography. We’ve all seen home listings with terrible photos — ones that use poor lighting, have poor angles and fail to consider what compels a prospective buyer.

You’re doing neither yourself nor your home any favors if you choose amateur photography. Here are a few of the reasons why professional photography is a must when you want to sell your home quickly and maximize your return:

    • Attention: Research shows that an online home browser will spend about 20 seconds looking at the first photo in a listing’s gallery. That means you have just 20 seconds to demonstrate there’s something interesting about your home and the browser should learn more.Complicating matters, these browsers are often sifting through dozens, if not hundreds, of listings. They’re looking for a reason to disqualify your home. Don’t give them one. Make your first image (and the entire gallery) shine, and capture as much attention for your home as possible. More clicks mean more showings. More showings mean more offers. More offers mean the highest sale price possible.


    • Accentuation: Every home has pros and cons. A professional photographer can help you accentuate the positive in your home and give prospective buyers a reason to consider it. Perhaps your kitchen needs a makeover, but you have spectacular views. Or perhaps the backyard is small, but the living room is incredibly spacious. A professional photographer finds ways to focus on what you’re home has going for it.


    • Qualification: Quality real estate photos serve as a virtual tour of your home. This is good in that it helps provide a clear picture of what it’s like to drive up and walk through your home. If photos are misleading or incomplete, you may not be attracting the right potential buyers. Good real estate photos help qualify your visitors, clearing out the clutter and helping you focus on buyers who are serious about your home and what it has to offer.


    • Opportunity: Homes rarely sell without a showing. How do you secure showings for your home? Get someone to fall in love with it online. You won’t have the opportunity for someone to visit your home and make an offer if they don’t like what they see in web images. How many beautiful homes have been passed on by prospective buyers because the online images didn’t do the homes justice? Plenty.


    • Image: Everything you do when selling your home reflects on your care and attention to detail as a homeowner. Amateur photos provide a lazy, neglected feel to a home listing. When prospective buyers see amateur photos, they begin to wonder how lazy and neglectful the seller has been about caring for the home.


  • ROI: Nothing beats professionalism. Are you balking at the cost of professional photography? It’s highly likely you’ll make that money back and then some. Remember, better photos likely add up to more clicks, more showings and a sale price more along the lines of what you’re asking.

Learn more about real estate photography from CENTURY 21 Core Partners. Our team of agents works daily with homebuyers and sellers, walking them through the many tasks needed to find or sell a home. That includes real estate photography. Contact us today to learn more about how professional real estate photography can boost your home sale.

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