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    Around the House for the Fall 2020

    Due to COVID, our time this year has been very interesting, to say the least… We are stuck in the house still for another season: Autumn.  Fall is a beautiful time to enjoy the outdoors, we can do that in our own yards this year. As we watch the leaves fall this time of year we may forget our yearly TO DO list (Honeydew list if you’re a lucky one) So I am here as your little reminder to do it. They may seem like little things you can pass on, but a clean and organized home is a happy brain. 🧠

    So what can you do around your home to keep things running smoothly in everyday life? I have a few tips to make it happen:

    Keep up with cleaning out the gutters

    Not so little right out of the gate and it is no one’s favorite task to jump up on a ladder and clean all the gunk and debris (aka the lovely falling leaves I was talking about before), but it is 100% worth the ride. It is not the healthiest for your home to have nasties up in there, it can cause leaky roofs, water damage and with that, mold. Not to mention – the perfect place for rodents, bees, and other pests to build their homes.

    Outdoor furniture

    It is sad to see your outdoor furniture packed up for the winter, but in a lot of cases, it’s necessary to preserve it for as long as possible – not as hearty furniture can crack and break through the winter due to the cold weather expanding and contracting the materials. Do not forget to wipe them down before storing to prevent mold and keep other pests from making their winter home in the crevices.  Can’t part with it your beloved outdoor living room? There are a few things you can do to prepare your furniture, A protective weather-proof coating/paint specific to the material. Car wax has been recommended for metal furniture. At the end of the day, a good old tarp can be an extra barrier to protect from the elements.

    Replace Filters & Batteries

    This one is one we’ve been hearing every year our whole lives, It’s a good tip too! Filters to keep your furnace running in perfect & clean condition and well as your humidifier. Clean air in the home helps breathing and mood! Batteries for any and all devices will appreciate this as well – Of course, your fire and carbon monoxide detectors are #1 on the list, but hows your TV remote doing too?

    Bring in flowerpots & plant indoor bulbs for spring

    Those little guys will start to freeze outside soon with the colder temperatures creeping in a little earlier this year. Low temps overnight this week alone can really affect your plans overnight. Bring them in! (Help the air quality in your home with your plants inside, along with your new filters!) Do not forget to plant your bulbs for next spring too, planning ahead for your home is the best way to stay on top of the happiness held in your space.

    Save on AC – open your windows!

    Sill too warm in the day to turn off the air… but at night it’s the right chilly temperature to sleep – we have a simple idea for that! Open your windows and pull out your heavy blankets for the night. This helps to save on your AC bills and if you have a window unit, it’s the perfect time to get that thing out of there and enjoy the fresh air & open windows all through the home! 🏡


    Have fun this Autumn while you still can be outside before the snow comes – it is the best season after all (In my book anyhow) Take a walk in your neighborhood, Carve some pumpkins, bake some goodies! The house prep and decore is the fun part of the TO-DO list, you don’t need me to let you know how to decorate, my only question is – are you team “autumn” or “spooky” theme decore for the fall?

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