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10 Ways to Update Your Home Without the Cost of Major Renovations

Living Room Design All homeowners have a list of renovations they’d like to make. But paying for them? Well, that’s another matter entirely. If you don’t have the cash for major projects and you don’t want to take out a loan, here are some ideas for simple and quick home upgrades:

  1. Create wide open spaces. Open floor plans are the 21st century rage. But you don’t have to tear down walls and install support beams to achieve that open, airy feel. Start with your surfaces. If you have photos, books and other knick-knacks covering every coffee table, desk and countertop, your rooms will take on a cramped and cluttered feel. Likewise, big and bulky furniture sucks up space and makes visitors feel claustrophobic. Edit your surfaces and find affordable furniture with smaller footprints. Finally, consider strategically placed mirrors — the reflection provides the illusion of greater space.
  2. Lighten up your rooms. The most spacious, beautiful house on the planet will feel small and cramped if it’s poorly lit. You can find attractive, affordable floor lamps that can brighten up rooms and make them feel more spacious. If you’re feeling particularly handy, change out old ceiling fixtures with brighter and more fashionable lighting options.
  3. Install new pulls and handles. New cabinets are expensive. Luckily, new cabinet pulls and handles are more affordable, and they can serve as a fast way to breathe new life into your existing cabinetry. Choose from modern finishes like stainless, aged copper, brushed nickel and others. Then, replace the pulls and handles throughout your home. It’s an inexpensive path to revitalization.
  4. Try new wallpaper and paint. Yes, wallpaper is making a comeback, and you can now find inexpensive options with attractive patterns that install and remove quickly. If you’re still not excited about wallpaper, do-it-yourself paint projects can reinvigorate different rooms and your home’s exterior.
  5. Make over your bathroom. We’re not talking about new tile, replacement shower, dual sinks or other major upgrades. You can makeover your bathroom inexpensively by choosing a new shower curtain, replacing the liner, adding new towels and mats, and replacing the faucet. Your bathroom will feel renovated without the cost of a large construction project.
  6. Decorate with wall hangings. Liven up your walls with a gallery of travel photos. Find inexpensive paintings by new artists, or visit your local flea market or nostalgia shop for a retro piece that provides a vintage feel for your kitchen, living area or bedrooms.
  7. Try rugs. Why invest thousands in new flooring when you can achieve nearly the same effect with a rug? For homeowners grappling with a budget, new rugs or used rugs found at consignment stores can make a world of difference in a sagging room.
  8. Spruce up outdoor living spaces. Forget about adding onto your home — transform existing outdoor spaces instead. Do you have a patio or deck that sits idle? Add outdoor rugs, furniture and a nice stand-up fan. For an advanced option, build your own pergola. You’ll immediately have an outdoor living area that gets heavy use in spring and fall.
  9. Invest in landscaping. There’s nothing attractive about a barren yard. Make the affordable investment in planting or better maintaining your grass, and visit a local nursery to find plants and flowers that will thrive in your area with little maintenance.
  10. Start cleaning. This one’s easy. The most attractive and impressive homes are the ones that are well-maintained. If you live in squalor, there’s no major update or renovation that will improve your home. If you don’t have the time to clean, a monthly visit from a maid is less expensive than almost any of the other options listed here.

These tips are particularly helpful if you’re trying to maximize your home’s value before putting it on the market. Contact CENTURY 21 Core Partners for expert advice before, during or after a sale!

photo credit: Stripes Design Cowhide Patchwork Rug via photopin (license)

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