Welcome to the next level of home viewing. Pictures are nice. A picture slide with music is nicer. However, a 3D Tour is truly inviting a buyer into your home. Allowing that buyer to immerse themselves in your home, almost as if they were there.  A buyer is able to do a virtual walk-through of the home, moving freely, rotating their view 360 degrees as well as up and down, as you would do with your head while walking through a home. They can even go up and down steps. Buyers can view a floor plan. A dollhouse view is also available.

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    This technology is brand new. Most companies offer it only to very expensive homes. Here at CENTURY 21 Core Partners we are making 3D Tours available to all our sellers, included in our standard listing package when you list your home for sale with usThis is what sellers hire a broker to do: To better market their property for sale with the newest technology available.

    Benefits of Virtual Tours

    The first move people make when looking to buy a new home is to search online before contacting an agent. First impressions are everything, so you want to make a lasting imprint when prospective owners find your listing. Not only are 3D applications advantageous for real estate agents, but buyers love it & they are also a plus for home sellers.

    A 360-degree tour is an incredible form of marketing and is a tool that excites people. Viewing a house from top to bottom, left to right and down to every last detail intrigues peoples’ interest to learn more about the home you are selling.

    A virtual tour is one of the most innovative ways to promote your home online. Here’s how:

    1. Increase the views you gain online. Listings that have real 3D Tour receive more views compared to those without because feeling like you’re walking through each room is more satisfying than searching through one-dimensional pictures or viewing a slideshow of the same pictures.
    2. Increases the time buyers spend looking at your home. The more time buyers spend looking at your home, the more likely they are to make a showing appointment or make an offer.
    3. Access to a perpetual open house. Prospective buyers have 24/7 access to your home and can dismiss the extra step of working with real estate agents. You can skip the process of showing your home and buyers can see your home on their own time.
    4. Saves time for everyone involved. Virtual 3D tours can help pre-qualify your property and allow you to increase the number of showings from buyers truly interested in your home, while at the same time helping you avoid having unnecessary showings. This saves time for both buyers and sellers alike.
    5. Offer immediate information to curious buyers. If an interested buyer finds your house online, they can see instant details about the property, such as location, schools and mortgage information. They can also find specifics about the home, such as square footage, beds and baths, yard accommodations and any other unique features that set your house apart.
    6. Sharing and posting your tour to social network sites. Using platforms like Facebook, Digg, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and others helps increase your marketing reach. Sharing a 3D Tour of your home, increases the impact of those postings. It even encourages online sharing, online “word-of-mouth” does wonders to increase the number of prospective buyers you that look at your home. We have thousands of Facebook followers who will get to see and possibly share the 3D tour of your home with their friends.
    7. Boost your marketing reach by having tours that are operative on real estate search engines. You will want to promote your house on many different sites, and virtual tours are one of the most attention-grabbing tactics you can use. Century 21 Core Partners will automatically send the 3D Tour of your home to all major websites, so no matter what website buyers are looking at, your 3D Tour is available to them.
    8. Email dozens of probable buyers. If your agent is in contact with several interested people, sending them a 3D tour can make or break a deal. It may be what they need to take one last look of the house to know it’s their dream home. Your agent can also send it to curious buyers to grab their interest. 
    9. Receive the most attention and gain a positive presence when selling your home. People prefer virtual tours because they are more interactive as opposed to stationary photos. Buyers can zoom in, see different areas of the house and get a bird’s-eye view, as well as more up close details. Virtual tours are a fantastic way for people to explore a property on their own.
    10. Receive an increase in customer interaction. Buyers are not just able to walk through your house using the 3D Tour, but they are also able to see a “dollhouse” view of your home, showing all floor levels (basement included) at once.

    Promoting your home for sale using a 3D tour gives people more independence. If they want to look at specifics for each room, such as flooring and dimensions, they can do so with a click of a button. If they want to execute a walk-through of each room, then it’s at the tips of their fingers. Virtual tours hold buyers’ attention for a more extended period compared to photos or simple text.

    It’s easy for people to daydream about living in a house they can see time and time again. 3D Tours keep them glued to the screen with interest and helps instill a stronger sense of ownership because they can start to imagine living there.

    Working With CENTURY 21 Core Partners

    Professionals at Century 21® encourage all home sellers to take advantage of our 3D Tour services. If you live in a more remote location that’s hard for people to reach, 3D tours are a great way to capture your home & let someone truly walk through it before driving to see it in person.

    We understand everyone has their own preferences, so we will also take professional HD pictures with an ultra-wide architectural lens so buyers who prefer pictures, can see your home at its best in a 2 dimensional setting.

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